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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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pinkston. the news is next live from london. >> border closed. hungarian police shut the bother to serbia stopping thousands from entering. hello there i'm barbara serra, you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up in th. thousands die in what egypt said is a mistaken air attack. tony abbott pushed from his position in australia. and why parts of china's
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great wall are at risk. thank you for joining us. we start the program by taking you live to hungary where police have blocked the main crossing point for refugees between serbia and hungary. you can see it there those live first. anderson increase of border checks, despite freedom of movement across borders being a key principle for the european union. austria says they are following germany, as the destination point for refugees. germany's vice chancellor says the move isn't designed to keep people out. instead it's aimed at producing a more orderly flow of people. roughly seven house from now on monday hungary is set to introduce much tougher border
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checks, people smugglers jailed. the move heaped pressure on ministers meeting in brussels to deal with the refugee crisis, you can see the pictures on the hungarian border town of ruska. now we can see dozens of hungarian police blocking the refugees main crossing point. as i was saying, the hungarian officials say they have done it a few hours earlier. we can get more details now from our correspondent, al jazeera andrew simmons who is there in ruska there. what is going on? >> live pictures from this direction, the rail line that
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you're quite right in saying thousands and thousands of refugees have crossed that point. and it's well-known to everyone, this was really the main unofficial way out of serbian republic and into the whole cycle, very complicated cycle of moving forward across hungary and then on to austria and germany. now it's more complicated again. this legislation passed more than a week ago rushed through parliament in hungary will make it an illegal act to cross the border, breach this fence at any point. now, a lot of people are seeking clarification of what exactly is going to be imposed by the hungarian deposit, u.n. hcr are not clear how things will be
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policed if you will and unhcr officials are trying to see what's going on. that railway line you can see it's reported that a railway wagon will be pushed into place shotterred in razor wire, a rather hazardous thing to do but will be effective to block off this section of the 175 kilometer fence barbara. >> andrew i guess it's still early days we're not going to know for sure but what happens to the people caught on either side of that border even legally, where do they stand? >> well, those who are caught, we have seen them, they're utterly in despair, they have rushed to get to this razor wire fence having heard that at midnight it would be officially closed aside from the border
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posts. they are looking in a very despair fashion moving all along the fence about two kilometers, advised to go through the official line, official post for entry. as far as what is going to happened hap to them is concerned, if they are turned around, many of them will be turned around, some will be deemed economic migrants, some will not have the necessary papers for applying for asylum. they will be stuck in serbia. serbia has been rushing through as many refugees as possible in the run up to the closure but they weren't expecting this police barricade to be put up you know a matter of eight hours before the deadline. so what's happened now is that there's once again not for the first time in this crisis a lot of confusion about what's going to happen. but as far as the hungarian
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government is concerned it says it is imposing eu law. this is first point of entry that anyone applying for political asylum will go through a fast track process, either turned around or let through. as far as economic refugees, they will be turned around at the port of entry. barbara. >> those refugees that were rushing to get through the border before the deadline, they haven't apparently made it. in the past few days and weeks can you feel any tension there at the border? i think we've lost the connection to andrew simmons who was live for us at bicske.
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hungarian authorities said they were the going to restrict the crossing at 22 many gmt, it apps they've done it already. they've been putting it up for weeks now, i'm decembering it's near completion. the hungarians saying they will apply eu law, whenever an asylum seeker arrives they have to apply for asylum, which means they have to process every single asylum seeker that is waiting to cross the border and anyone they deem to be an economic migrant is not going to be granted asylum. we'll see pictures more pictures now, night coming down in roske. european union ministers are
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meeting in brussels to discussion the refugee crisis. yowrts thoutside, the aunt of te three-year-old victim. >> please do something, lets put hand together, find the solution. make it happen. people should open their hearts and help those refugees. >> jacky rowland is live in brussels for us. these beeshe's been watching the meetings. jacky any development coming out of there? >> reporter: no, what we've been really looking at today and hearing on the one hand is a number of countries following lead of germany in announcing border closures. we're hear from austria that they're planning to close their
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border with hungary. the czech republic and slovakia have also announced plans to restrict crossings on their borders and so has poland as well. the poles have said they're ready to close their borders without any warning if they feel under threat. there's coppy ca copy cat actiog on. germans have twice in recent weeks taken these actions without consulting brussels or the austrian or hundred gairn officials. hungarian officials. asylum seekers must register for asylum in the first eu country of stop.
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germany made it clear they would allow refugees to come directly. now making another unilateral decision. now one could argue it's pretty much an emergency. the tens of thousands of people flooding into germany in the last couple of weeks. we are almost watching the fundamental principles of the european union coming up done before our eyes. it's a time really when european leaders, people like the president of the european commission and the foreign affairs commission are calling for greater unity and for europeans to step up to the mark. but in fact we're seeing actually disarray at the moment in terms of the different positions being adopted 50 different eu countries.
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>> jacky rowland with the latest of that meeting in brussels. jacky we'll be checking with you again in the next few hours. for the moment, thank you. meanwhile britain's prime minister has met syrian refugees due to be resettled in the u.k. david cameron visited the becca valley, he announced earlier this month that britain will take in up to 20,000 syrian citizens in the next five years. in need of a political solution to end syria's civil war. >> this morning i was n becca valley, meeting with some of the syrian refugees that we will resettle in the united kingdom. i un public services schools housing have pressure and that's
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why the united kingdom has provided around 300 million pounds for assistance for lebanon since the crisis began, and we will ensure that 29 million of our latest 100 million pound commitment is spent right here in lebanon to shoulder the burden. russian has placed tanks at a syrian air field at the center of a military buildup. stronghold of syrian president bashar al-assad. but denied reports of the russian troop presence. al jazeera's rosalyn jordan is in washington for us. so rosalind, the ambassador has denied this. how serious with the denial be?
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>> given that the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov has said that the russian military is on the ground because the russian military is making good of its promise of military material, that presence cannot be carried out without the presence of the russian military. they'll have a discussion over who is exactly correct. that said, the obama administration is very concerned about what it says it is seeing at latakia. what intelligence it is using to confirm the presence of tanks among other pieces of equipment. there has been concerned whereas secretary of state john kerry has called sergey lavrov twice in the past weeks, to express his concerns about the apparent
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increase and a russian military presence in that country. and try to signal that the russians should dial it back. however the pentagon is saying on monday from what it can gather the russians are trying to establish what appears to be a forward operating air base and that's something you only see in combat operations. >> rosalyn jordan, with the latest in washington, d.c. thank you. egyptian officials say eight mexican tourists were accidentally killed in a security operation in egypt. a total of 12 people died at the area of the western desert. authorities say a helicopter gun ship mistook the convoy for what they called terrorist elements. relatives have been visiting the victims in hospital along with egypt's acting prime minister. >> translator: we are standing with the mexican people in their tragedy. the circumstances surrounding
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the incident are part of egypt's fight against terrorism. the mexican side are saving the best care and we will take care of the egyptian victims. i give my deepest condolence to the egyptian people and the mexican victims as well. i have expressed my condolence to the egyptian minister. >> i'm jessica baldwin at a exhibit ever global pop art. art.
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>> time now for a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. hungarian less have blocked the american crossing point between hungary and serbia. the pentagon says russia has positioned military supplies at the center of a buildup in syria. egypt has apologized for the deaths of mexicans. germany's decision to implement border controls to stem the flow of refugees, done the same at its border with serbia just in the past half hour or so. howrvhowever a former prime min,
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purely for political game. andrew simmons has more from budapest. >> rearing to this human crisis, hungary's prime minister had a repeatedly said it's germany's problem. but ask any helping the refugees through this crisis they can't help but get political. >> for many hungarians it's natural we have them. and we feel very, very angry the government is giving them this kind of treatment. >> reporter: this is a husband and wife team. >> they said they didn't want muslim here. i did not understand that because there are muslims living here with peace. interwe're not sure what's going to happen. if they close the borders again then there will be thousands of people sleeping here again. >> reporter: political
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protests are gaining momentum. not just option to prime minister victor orban. there are those here supporting him. and oartl others portraying orbs adofasa adolph hitler. >> main motivation is keeping a grip on power here in parliament. before the refugee crisis his popularity was waning. now the firmer he gets on the issue the more popular he becomes. a former socialist prime minister believes ban is taking his country down a dangerous road. >> the majority of hungarian
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people are worried about the refugees and orban is fighting for the extremist quarters. >> reporter: orban is four years away from afternoon election but he sees a potential threat from the far right. some analysts believe he is playing a smart card. >> victor orban is somebody not just interested in plairp tomorrow opopularitytomorrow or. he believes there is a challenge for europe and current european elite is not able to answer this challenge. >> reporter: orban's supporters believe in him but is he playing for high stakes. as he does so, the misery of so many continues here with no relief. andrew simmons, al jazeera, budapest. >> let's take you to roske on
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the hungarian-serbian border. the train with bashed wire across it. rice across thright across the . stopping all movement from serbia into hungary. they said they were going to do that at midnight 22 gmt, seems like they've done it now. you can see the bashed wire all around it now, effectively completing the barbed wire fence, i believe there was a 40 meter gap which is now being sealed. so not only is the border in fact being sealed, but at midnight, laws will change. as of 22 gmt midnight local time it is going to be a crime punishable with up to three years in prison.
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unlawful crossing of the four meter high that's 12 feet fence which is under construction now, you can see the little bit being completed now by that train, anyone trying to cross that livelineto go through the borden to damage the fence that is now a crime punishable with three years in jail. so hungary sealing its borders, now going to say it's going to adopt eu legislation, dublin accord, anyone seeking asylum is going to have to do so at the first european country they arrive in. sending back anyone they claim is an economic migrant. those live pictures coming in from roshka, on the serbian
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border. andrew simmons we'll speak to him later, the borders between hungary and serbia being sealed. let's take a look at some of the other stories now. australian prime minister tony abbott has been replaced by his popular communications minister, malcolm turnbull. it follows a tumultuous time. from sydney, andrew thomas reports. >> the result was close but in the end the tight result was taken by malcolm turnbull. >> turnbull successful on 54, abbott, 44. >> the australia of the future has to be a nation that is
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agile. that is innovative. that is creative. we cannot be defensive. we cannot future-proof ourselves. we have to recognize that the disruption that we see driven by technology, by change, is our friend if we are agile and smart enough to stay advantage of it. there has never been a more exciting time to be alive than today. and there has never been a more exciting time to be an australian. >> tony abbott who was australia's priempletaustralia'r almost two years, his primary result was stopping migrants from southeast asia, and his
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victory began to look slim. malcolm turnbull had long harbored ambitions to become prime minister. the dysfunction he claimed characterized the former labour government. no surprises, malcolm turnbull will be sworn in formally as australia's prime minister on tuesday. andrew thomas, al jazeera, sydney. japan volcano erupted. the country's meteorological council of described anyone in close proximity is at risk. 30% of the great wall of
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china no longer exist because of atmospheric conditions or because people in the area have been chipping away. andrews thomas reports. >> naturally occurring stoafn in this parstone,can you stone to r homes. in some cases, more than 100 years ago. >> we are happy to definitive back any part of thgive back an. back then, modern building blocks were not available as they are now. >> made from the old and the new. ancient china sits comfortably alongside its modern descendant.
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parts worn away by 70,000 visitors each day. many visitors say protecting the wall is important. >> translator: the great wall isn't just china's. it belongs to the whole human race and has to be protected. >> it's a symbol of china and we have to look after it. >> reporter: so that the tourists today are a photo opportunity for the local chinese. its disappearance is worrying those fighting to protect it. >> it's closely connected to the origin of our culture. the disappearing of the wall is in line with the lack of respect of our tradition and culture. >> the authorities have not been ignoring the restoration of the
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wall. since 1957 it continues to today. the greatest deterioration of the wall does not belong to man, but nature. prone to general wear around teaand tearand the weather. to understand why the local community would use the wall as a source of cheap building material, the war is fault every daze not against man but the elements. sahil raman, al jazeera, yang ching. >> there are likely to be more scandal in the world football body fifa. loretta lynch's swiss equivalent
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says they have accessed 100 questionable bank accounts the their investigation for money laundering. in may, ten were arrested in the controversy, more on our website, >> crews struggle to slow two huge wildfires, in california. thousands have been forced to evacuate. a week after getting out of jail, kentucky clerk kim davis back in work today but it didn't stop a same sex couple from getting their marriage license. stopping refugees in hungary from


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